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  • (Serbian) CNC Obrada na HUNDEGGERU K2i

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  • Finger-jointed wood (KVH)

    We produce it from wood with improved technical characteristics, from 12 m in length with standard cross sections. It is used mainly in the production of prefabricated houses as a base material for the exterior and interior walls, and there is also possible to use it for other purposes in the production of building structures.
  • Decking board

    Decking board made of pine and Siberian larch dried to standard moisture in the thickness of 24-28 mm, and width of 9.5 - 14.5 cm.
  • Lumber

    Large quantity of dry timber of fir-spruce, Scots pine, Siberian larch allows us to meet the market demands in terms of quantity and assortment.
  • (Serbian) Lepljeno lamelirano drvo

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  • Izrada letnjikovaca, bungalova, pergola


Company MIL MAS was founded in 2008.

We can safely say that we’ve gained the trust of customers in a very short time have. The quality of our lumber as well as our flexibility and professionalism is our best recommendation. We have launched the production of finger-jointed wood (KVH) and laminated beam (BSH) up to12 m in length and we are planning longer in the future, dried up to standard in our own dryers with capacity of 200 m3.

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